FAQ’s on Certified Food Protection Manager Requirement and Person in Charge Requirement

Who is requiring the Certified Food Protection Manager requirement?

The New Mexico Environment Department, Environmental Health Bureau is the authority requiring the state Certified Food Protection Manager requirement.

Who is required to get the Food Handler Card?

All restaurant locations and Environment Department permitted food facilities outside of Albuquerque and Bernalillo County.

What if my restaurant is in Albuquerque or Bernalillo County?

You do not have the Certified Food Protection Manager requirement at this time.

What is the Certified Food Protection Manager requirement?

It is a requirement that each permitted location have a Certified Food Protection Manager on staff who has shown proficiency through passing a test that is part of an accredited program.

Do I have to have a Certified Food Protection Manager on every shift?

No.  You must have a Certified Food Protection Manager in your employment.  You must have a “Person In Charge” on every shift.

What is the “Person In Charge?” requirement?

The State of New Mexico requires a “Person in Charge” be available on each shift. They should have extensive knowledge of food safety, and access and knowledge of your establishment in order to be able to answer questions of an inspector.

Does the “Person in Charge” need a special card or certification?

No, but they need to meet certain criteria, and will also have Foodhandlers card.  A Person in Charge is an employee that has the responsibility to oversee operations of a food establishment and its employees. Click here for specifics. The knowledge required is so extensive, we recommend that they also become ServSafe Manager certified.

What will I learn in this class?  

The ServSafe Manager certification is an accepted program.  Click here for information on the class.

How long is the class?

Eight hours.

When do I get my ServSafe Manager Certification?

You get your Manager Certification about 10 days after passing the exam with a 75% score or better.

Where do I find the class?

The class is provided in a classroom setting.  Link here to check our calendar for classroom dates. If you would like to schedule a class at your facility please contact us.

How much is the class?

The class is $125 per person for NMRA Members and $175 per person for non-members

Does the class come in Spanish and English?

The classes are offered in Spanish and English, and books are provided in both languages.  Make sure you choose the course that is right for you.

When do I need to fulfill the Certified Food Protection Manager requirement?

Every permit-holding location must have a Certified Food Protection Manager by 3/1/2017.

Where can I get more details?

Visit NMRA’s Food Safety Resource Page for links to ordinances, printable documents from the New Mexico Environment Department, sample inspection forms, and more.